Just had to lay down the law at home. New sign in the kitchen: Compost – Frequently Asked Questions What is compost? Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled for use as fertiliser. Where does it belong? Outside. There’s a bin set up specially to contain it. It’s called “the compost bin”. [...]

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Spring is springing, and with it the quotidian miracle of new life on many fronts, not least in the fifteen centimetres of unpromising dirt that hems one side of our house block. Hard by the corrugated iron fence that daily prevents violence by separating me from my neighbours has sproinged into existence a minor [...]

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East of Eden – Day 9 – Home

Up early, damn, still can't find the missing key card for the hotel room. Come on, boys, come on, the bags are in the car, we need to be going. Driving, breakfast in Goulburn, driving, feeling drained. Pull over an hour short of the airport to splash water on face and take a cold & [...]

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East of Eden – Day 8 – Questacon

I had plans: Questacon, Parliament House, the National Gallery if we had time. After breakfast in Tuggeranong, we made it to Questacon at about 10am. And that was the day. We left when it closed, at 5pm. We did not even stop for lunch. I couldn't shift them. By 4pm I was sitting in the [...]

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East of Eden – Day 7 – Walking, Walking

Not the best day, although I suspect that I feel it most. Into the city, and there have been changes in the 20 years since I was last here. The most obvious is the sprawling enclosed mall that now essentially comprises the eastern city centre. It's clean, modern, has good toilets (not a trivial thing [...]

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East of Eden – Day 6 – Cousins

I'm going to be brief today - it's already tomorrow as I write. The day started with another breakfast meeting. We must be in Sydney. This time it's Jill, my favourite cousin, with her daughter Rhianna and friend, Nadine. Rhianna, a thirteenish collection of acute angles when I saw her last, is now a poised [...]

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