The Arch Window number 15, in which the lawyers get involved.


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  1. Nick,

    This issue of the Arch Window was brilliant, and my only suggestion for its improvement would have been to reference the Security Sensitive Biological Agents regulations ( along with the comment about the petrie dish.

    But then, this may well be a bit niche for most listeners of stil’s podcast apart from me…

    1. Nick Fryer Avatar
      Nick Fryer

      Trent, many thanks. I am perhaps fortunate in not having come across the SSBA. There were so many statutes and regs I could have referred to: the Drugs and Poisons Legislation Amendment (New Psychoactive and Other Substances) Act 2013, RSPCA guidelines on the care of livestock, Andean native lore on appropriate condiments for roast capybara.

  2. I’m enjoying reading your comments day by day. Tell Rafi that I reiterate……. he MUST stay close to you and will be disappointed to hear if he’s still not doing so.
    Love to Anna and the two short ones. And to you.

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