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Sport Illustrated

The Arch Window number 22a, in which we ... what?  What's this 22a shit? For those who haven't been with us since the beginning, these audio snippets are produced for inclusion in a podcast created by a friend, The 9pm Edict, which you can find out all about here.  This one was prepped some weeks [...]

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Autumn Fair

Willunga Waldorf School, Jay Drive, Willunga, on April 9th, is your chance to grab a second hand clothing bargain.  And I genuinely mean bargain, because some of the clothes on offer are a bit special. We've been gathering clothes from people for a couple of weeks now, and some great stuff has been coming in [...]

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The Rag Trade

At a recent class meeting I failed to step backwards fast enough and now find myself the co-ordinator of the class stall at the fundraising Autumn Fair.  Class 5 does the second hand clothes store, I learn.  I learn this now because I have hitherto paid no attention to such fundraisers being, on the best [...]

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