The Rag Trade

At a recent class meeting I failed to step backwards fast enough and now find myself the co-ordinator of the class stall at the fundraising Autumn Fair.  Class 5 does the second hand clothes store, I learn.  I learn this now because I have hitherto paid no attention to such fundraisers being, on the best of days, a shapeless sack of gently oozing sloth.

However, from this misfortune arises the opportunity to make vaguely inappropriate jokes in public in the guise of a marketing campaign, on which I have been working this morning.  Here are a couple of first drafts in pdf form.

Advert – S’not rags

Advert – Tie die

That second one will probably have to be toned down before it hits the streets.

The boys have helped me with a couple of others.  My older lad has a cartoon strip he draws featuring an animate pot of yoghurt with a picture of a swan on it, a character called, d’uh, Swan Yoghurt.  The Swan Yoghurt universe has expanded to include a number of other characters, some invented by other people and incorporated into the strip.  Seagull Cupcake was created by one of Senior Junior’s friends, and was more or less gifted by his creator to Junior Junior, who has adopted SC as his character.  So here are a couple of pictorial ads, starring Swan Yoghurt and Seagull Cupcake.

Advert – Swan Yoghurt

Advert – Seagull Cupcake

There’s work to be done, clearly.


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