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  • Gaslighting for Dummies

    The Arch Window number 37, in which we decide that she’ll be right.

  • Europe 13 – Yellow Peril

    Piazza San Marco, Venice, towards midnight Our hotelier – a very handsome and fashionably dressed young man – looked at my passport and asked me, “You are of Israeli extraction?” He had just finished explaining that he despised “southern Europe – Spain, Portugal, southern Italy”, a degenerate bunch with the self-destructive habit of consuming coffee…

  • A Viewer’s Guide to the Apocalypse

    Want to know what to keep an eye out for as the presidential election unfolds? Got your back. The US presidential election is one of the two great quadrennial spectator spectaculars – right up there with the You Know Perfectly Well Which World Cup I Mean and waaaay ahead of that biotech conference with the…