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The Arch Window number 22a, in which we … what?  What’s this 22a shit?

For those who haven’t been with us since the beginning, these audio snippets are produced for inclusion in a podcast created by a friend, The 9pm Edict, which you can find out all about here.  This one was prepped some weeks ago when the creator of the podcast, Stilgherrian, indicated that production of an episode of the cast was imminent.  Now, Stil is a completely reliable professional, so I assumed that the fact that the episode did not in fact appear meant that Sydney had been destroyed by nuclear weapons or a giant lizard in early February but because news only reaches us here in the provinces by pigeon, we remained unaware of this promising development.  However, the reason must have been something else entirely, because Stil has recently been back in touch with yet more promises of impending podcasting.

And so, there was a decision to make.  Run with the old one or write something new?  I wavered, as is my wont.  The one I had in the can wasn’t particularly topical, although sportsboys’ misbehaviour had seemed to fade from the headlines while the major football codes were in recess and with the Australian Open out of the way.  In the end, it was the factual error in the number of players in a rugby league team that decided it.  I couldn’t let such a slip go into the cast.  Anyone hearing it might conclude that I was a middle class, rugby union snob who wouldn’t watch a game of league even if the alternative was being forced to eat my own pancreas.

Anyone coming to this blog, however, will probably be able to work that fact out for themselves, so there is no barrier to posting it here.  And so, in an exclusive, here is the missing Arch Window, in which we laugh at balls, because ha ha balls.

The new episode of the Window will appear here, as always, after the podcast goes to air, or fibre, or copper or whatever.  Unless, of course, the lizard actually comes this time.


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