Satanic Spirits

Ice Cream Sandwich
“Ice Cream Sandwich”, believed to be an incarnation of the Dark God Scarohoth

A terrified Willunga family is living in fear following the invasion of their home by a quartet of unearthly creatures with apparently demonic powers. The hideous monsters have appeared in a wardrobe in the house, frighteningly near to the bedrooms occupied by the family’s two small children. Their arrival in the house was accompanied by the sudden appearance of a quantity of blood, strange howling noises and mysterious smells. The terrifying creatures, known to the occupants of the house as “Shadow”, “Pinstripe”, “Panda” and “Ice Cream Sandwich”, have also been blamed for a series of incidents including the recent sudden shrinkage of the family’s formerly rotund pet cat, Polly. A local religious leader and spiritual guide has advised the resident family that their home is built on an ancient ley-line linking the visible world to the abode of the fell spirit Scarohoth the Face Eater, and the creatures are physical manifestations of the malevolent will of that Dark God. The sage’s advice is that the creatures will achieve their full potency in the fortnight leading up to Christmas and that if not separated before that date, the world will drown in oceans of blood as the very fabric of reality is rent asunder.

The demonic entities apparently sucking the life force from Polly, the family cat

Community-minded citizens are sought who are willing to do their part to help humanity avoid this dread fate by undertaking a sacred trust to remove and keep removed one or more elements of the demonic emanation, feed and water them regularly, and provide generally for their welfare lest they be tempted to seek out their brethren and sistren and fulfil their destiny. Enquiries should be directed to Nick on 0407 615 427 or at


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