Ice Cream Sandwich on sofa
Ice Cream Sandwich, about to attack something non-existent

Alright, alright, we haven’t really been the focus of a demonic incursion from the dungeon dimensions. We’ve just got kittens. Kittens of positively kittenish levels of cuteness, and things just don’t get any cuter than that. Don’t take my word for it, ask the internet.

And now, these kittens can be yours! If you read all the way through the last post on this subject, and your dissolute life has left you enough fingers to count on, you’ll know we have four, provisionally called Shadow, Pinstripe, Panda and Ice Cream Sandwich. I say “provisionally” because, of course, we expect them to find new names as they find new families. My apologies to listeners to my irregular attempts at comedy – only one of them is actually named after a version of the Android operating system. And, despite what I said in the podcast, Sandy (as she’s known for short), has turned out to be a girl.

Panda, wishing someone would vacuum the carpet occasionally

So is Shadow, who is the only one I don’t have a decent photo of here. She is probably the most timid of the four so far, so it’s often hard to get her out of the cupboard, and when she does come out she isn’t especially interested in holding still for the camera.

Panda is, though. He’s the adventurous one, closely followed by the other young tom, Pinstripe.

Pinstripe, listening attentively but being too polite to say that I’m talking rubbish

They were born in the middle of October, so we think they’ll be ready to leave their mother a week or so before Christmas. Hint, hint. You know what to do:


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