Autumn Fair

Willunga Waldorf School, Jay Drive, Willunga, on April 9th, is your chance to grab a second hand clothing bargain.  And I genuinely mean bargain, because some of the clothes on offer are a bit special.

We’ve been gathering clothes from people for a couple of weeks now, and some great stuff has been coming in from the school community, for which the gratitude of everyone involved in this effort is, well, perhaps not boundless, but you’d have to go a fair way back to see it all, that’s for sure. In addition, quite a few special items have been sourced by shaking down some work colleagues – twenty-something lawyers with no kids (and thus with disposable incomes) who have gone through their wardrobes (and those of their partners) and handed over some fairly high end kit, all of which will be available for absurdly low prices on the day.  Some decent guys’ stuff, but at the moment it’s leaning heavier on the girls’ side – there are some fabulous little dresses, skirts and tops.  And when I say fabulous, darling, I mean I’m having to strictly enforce the rule that the organisers can’t snaffle all the good stuff before the stall opens.  I know, I know, we’re all so transcendentally Steiner that we don’t care at all about clothes worth several hundred bucks when new from famous fashion houses being knocked off for a pittance.  Not one bit.  Still, worth popping in on the off chance, no?

Please keep the donations coming – we depend on them to make this a success. Go through your wardrobe and those of your kids, toss anything that hasn’t been worn for two years in our direction.  You can deliver direct to me at 1 Quinn Road, Willunga (right opposite the school), email me at or call me on 0407 615 427 if I need to come and collect from anywhere in the local region, which I’m perfectly happy to do.  There are also collection boxes at the school, outside the kindy, classes 1 to 4 and the library.  There was supposed to be one at the hall, too, but I couldn’t find it when I looked this morning.  You’ll work it out.

See you on the ninth.


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