A Viewer’s Guide to the Apocalypse

Want to know what to keep an eye out for as the presidential election unfolds? Got your back.

The US presidential election is one of the two great quadrennial spectator spectaculars – right up there with the You Know Perfectly Well Which World Cup I Mean and waaaay ahead of that biotech conference with the ice dancing and dressage and other imaginary activities. At lunchtime today, I started typing up a quick list of states and times when the results might be expected – a cheat sheet to remind me when to turn an ear to the coverage. Trouble is, being preternaturally prolix it turned out to be a couple of pages long – well, four; and being a smartarse I started putting in some jokes. Ok, five, but there’s a lot of gap. So all of a sudden in the fantasy world in which I live there was a target audience and it became funny and a whole sort of article thing and here it is. You may hate it. Let me know. It’s a PDF. You can cope with that, I’m sure.

Election Timetable dot pee dee eff


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