Month: November 2015

  • Miscellany


    Finding myself dull … I think it must have been Arthur Conan Doyle. Just possibly HG Wells, but my money is on a Sherlock Holmes story, which probably thus make them words of John Watson. I don’t precisely remember, nor do I remember what the protagonist did to remedy his malaise, but the simple phrase…

  • Kittens

    Alright, alright, we haven’t really been the focus of a demonic incursion from the dungeon dimensions. We’ve just got kittens. Kittens of positively kittenish levels of cuteness, and things just don’t get any cuter than that. Don’t take my word for it, ask the internet. And now, these kittens can be yours! If you read…

  • The Going Gets Weird

    The Arch Window number 19, in which we are enlightened by the young.

  • Satanic Spirits

    A terrified Willunga family is living in fear following the invasion of their home by a quartet of unearthly creatures with apparently demonic powers. The hideous monsters have appeared in a wardrobe in the house, frighteningly near to the bedrooms occupied by the family’s two small children. Their arrival in the house was accompanied by…