Occasionally, I do an audio thing for a friend’s podcast, which is supposed to be funny, although it probably helps if you find the same things both revolting and amusing at the same time that I do. When it started, I wrote a bit about it here.

To jump to the latest edition of the Window, and indeed the entire archive, you can click here, which is exactly the same link as the “audio thing” one above. ISN’T THE INTERNET FUCKING MARVELLOUS?

Oh, it contains swearing. And sexual references, and violence and even Australian politics, which is probably the only bit I should be really ashamed of, but in any event if you’re not prepared to deal with a ham sculpture of the Attorney-General or a man turning himself into his own penis in the pursuit of wellness and similar nonsense, just don’t even bother.

And yes, the name is a rip off from the long running and much beloved children’s television program Play School for which I shall probably burn in hell or get a cease-and-desist notice one day or something.  But until that happy day…